Commercial Effectiveness

Starting from global market trends, we design commercial models that generate additional value from our services based on the type of company.

Practical Applications

Commercial Strategy

Definition of a commercial plan to deliver the value proposition around the identification of business target segments and customers and their specific needs, considering market structure, competitive environment, distribution channels, service models, among others.

Go-To-Market Model

Formulation of a comprehensive strategy for delivering products and services to the market, incorporating the definition of channel strategy, conditions, agreements, and marketing, distribution, and sales tactics to ensure the effectiveness and profitability of the model.

Commercial Performance Model

Definition of the set of strategies and practices in the company’s commercial area to ensure the standardization of commercial activity, maximize sales force productivity, and enhance business results.

Segmentation Model

Market division into groups of potential customers based on their characteristics through a systematic and analytical approach, with the purpose of adapting strategies that address the specific needs of each segment and thus improve the relevance and impact of commercial actions.

Evaluation of Profitability Alternatives for Segments and Channels

Identification, analysis, and definition of alternatives to maximize the profitability of market segments and distribution channels used, and optimized management of the customer base to enhance the business opportunities of the company.